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For improvement of the stainless steel reactor heat transfer
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Most of the reaction kettle by carbon steel, stainless steel, zirconium, nickel base and composite materials, mixer adopts frame, turbine, plasma type, anchor, scraper, modular, transmission device adopts frequency control of motor speed, stepless speed reducer, cycloid pin wheel reducer, can be used coil, half pipe clamp, heating, cooling pipe, stainless steel reaction kettle with steam, heat conduction oil, electrical heating, far infrared heating mode to meet the needs of the process of various temperature, sealing device adopts mechanical seal, packing seal, magnetic sealing structure, through the above combination can meet the special response of various material requirements.

Stainless steel reaction kettle is usually the kettle body, kettle cover, jacket, mixer, gear, shaft sealing device and so on, the concrete can be production according to customer's request.

Stainless steel reaction kettle is integrated equipment, its function is the main approach to realize heat transfer, the stand or fall of a reaction kettle, and its heat transfer efficiency is inseparable.

To improve the efficiency of heat transfer, must first understand what is said above, structure and function of the reaction kettle and configuration conditions from began to feed into the reaction to the discharging all possible automation to preset reaction steps, in the process of reaction pressure, temperature, the concentration of reaction products, and other important parameters to control strictly.

To choose the best way to process, rational utilization of heat energy, strengthen the insulation measures, improve the efficiency of heat transfer, do utmost to reduce heat loss, reaction, make full use of waste heat, increase production, reduce the batch quality error, reduce cost, increase the volume reaction kettle is development trend.

In short, the stainless steel reaction kettle to improve the efficiency of heat transfer, need to be consider from the above ways.



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