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Infrared heating temperature reactor
infrared heatingtemperature reactor
Infraredtemperature of heating,temperature can reach 300-600 degrees Celsius. Use ofstable, adjustabletemperature, a national initiative.
Energy efficient infraredtechnology as early as inthe 1970s bythestate Department of Energyto promotethe use ofthe country asthe focus of our company in 1987, developedthe first infraredtechnology designed reasonable application: reactor, distillation kettle, enamel kettle, polymerization reactor, dried heating and insulation container equipment, pipes andso on. Worked in: Nanjing Chemical Plant,tianjin Beacon Paint Co., Ltd., Xuzhou pesticide plant, BASF dye company, ICI polyurethane,taiwan Ding Overseas Limited, Jilin Chemical Company, Baling Petrochemical Company, Dalian dye additives Plant, National Defensescience and other widely used medium-sized enterprises at home and abroad, bythe praise of users.
Far infrared heating device has a heated area,smooth and fast heating, heat evenly, easytemperature control can be upper, middle and lowersegment control, kettle easyto controlthetemperature withinthe reactor walls onthe kettle fuels without anyside effects, and more carbonized material phenomenon does not appear, run no noise, no pollution, long life (30,000 hours),significant energysaving (28%). Heatertemperature inthe range of roomtemperatureto 800 ℃ meetthe needs of our users andtotransformthe heating device,the heating device as a wholeto achieve proof requirements, andthroughthe "National Quality Inspection Center explosion-proof electrical product identification",thus completelysolvethe user hasto worry about and other heating methods can notsolvethe problem of proof .
Asthe world's attentionto human environmental awareness, because "far infrared heating device"tosolvethe original ecological environment heatingserious pollution problems,so "far-infrared heating device" is knownto have knowledge ofthe country who were hailed as " Green heating means. "
For example:
Reactor with oil heating with far-infrared heating energysavings comparisontable
-to include 3800L water reactor volume users use an example:
No.HeatingHTF electric heatingtubeFar infrared heatingRemark
1Design Power168KW120KW 
2Power DistributionDivided into 8 groups electric heatingtubeUpper, middle and lowerthree-stage heating 
3thermal responsetimeto jacket 1ton oil heatingto 280 degrees Power consumption 1.5 hours required 250 degreesWhenthe reactor walltemperature 30 minutes when powered upto 400 degrees, 42 degrees required power consumption 
4the actual use of power160KW full loadActually only used inthe nexttwo 84KW would meetthetechnical requirements 
5A kettle material consumption1764 one-pot reaction degree of material consumptionOne-pot reaction feed consumption 814 degreessaving 53%
6UsesafetystandardsNot explosion-proof electric heatingtubeOverallstructure ofthe heating device with allthe proof requirements, and have relevant proof certificates 
7Extent of environmental healthHTF domestic demand dueto lick plus biphenyl mixture, when oil leaks at hightemperatures andtoxic and harmfulto peopleRun no pollution, no noise, no carbonation orthe material coking phenomena do not needto installthe insulation 
8suitable reactiontemperaturessuitable reactiontemperatures lessthan 300 degrees heatMaterialtemperature inthe range of 700 degrees can be heated,thetemperature can beset 
9Normal wear andtearHTF easyto replace dueto carbonation oil and heating pipes at least once a yearWithinthree years without any increase in cost and easy installation and maintenancesavings 10,000 yuan / year
10thermal principleAfterthe oil is heated jacket,the heattransferredthroughthe oiltank allowed endothermic materialEnergized bythe resistance heating ofthe original body heat generated bysilicon carbide far infrared radiationto heat evenly intothe autoclave 
Control Conclusion:the userthroughtwo different heating methods were compared: Far-infrared radiation heating oil heating withsignificant energysaving comparedto 53% inthe production of a 950-degree kettlesaving materials,the cost of oneton per year andsavethermal oil heating pipe replacement costs,shutdowns and other damages. Because ofthe far-infrared heating up fast andsmooththus improvingthe user's production yields, improve product quality, improvethe labor intensity of workers andthe working environment. And far-infrared heating devicestructure design, beautiful appearance, easy installation, easyto controlthetemperature (divided into upper, middle and lowerthreesectionsseparately controlled)security proof andso on.
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