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Air - water heat exchanger
air - water heat exchanger
I producedthe air - water heat exchanger, accordingtothe exchange of material intosteel column,stainlesssteel andtube exchangers and carbonsteel andstainlesssteel mixingtube exchanger arethree forms divided by a fixedtube plate, floating head , U-tube heat exchanger, accordingtothestructure into asingletube, doubletube and multipletube. Heattransfer area of ​​0.5-500m2, can be customized accordingto user needs.
Diameter (mm)Effective length mHeattransfer area m2OperatingtemperatureWorking Pressure
4001.2-2.63.37-8.07164 ℃0.6MPa
5001.6-3.07.9-14.9164 ℃0.6MPa
6501.8-3.214.2-25.3164 ℃0.6MPa
8001.8-3.223.0-40.8164 ℃0.6MPa
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