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Spiral plate heat exchanger
spiral plate heat exchanger
spiral plate heat exchanger is An efficient heattransfer equipment forsteam -steam, gas - liquid, liquid - liquid, liquid heat on. It issuitable for chemical, petroleum,solvents, pharmaceuticals, food, light industry,textile, metallurgy,steel rolling, coking and other industries. Form ofthestructure can be divided into non-removable (Itype)spiral plate and removable (Ⅱtype, Ⅲtype)spiral plate heat exchanger.
structure and performance
1,the device consists oftwo volumes fromthesystem,the formation oftwo homogeneousspiral channel,two heattransfer medium can be all countercurrent flow, greatly enhancingthe heattransfer effect, evensmalltemperature difference betweentwo kinds of media, but alsoto achievethe desired heattransfer effects.
2, onthe housing overthestructure by cutting asmall local resistance, duetothe curvature ofthespiral channel is uniform,there is no flow of liquid inthe largesteering apparatus,thetotal resistance issmall,thus improvingthe design flow rate compared withthat of high heattransfer capacity.
3, end I can not be demolishedspiral plate heat exchangerspiral channel weldedseal, which has a hightightness.
4, Ⅱ detachablespiral plate heat exchanger principlestructure and can not be removed heat exchanger is basicallythesame, but one channel can openthe cleaning, especially forsticky, precipitation liquid heat exchange.
5, Ⅲtype detachablespiral plate heat exchanger principlestructure and can not be removed heat exchanger is basicallythesame, but itstwo channels can openthe cleaning,thescope is wide.
6,spiral plate heat exchanger can be divided bythe nominal PN0.6, 1.0,1.6,2.5 MPa (meansingle channel can withstandthe maximum working pressure). Material can be divided into carbonsteel andstainlesssteel. Users can choose accordingtothe actual process conditions.
7, when asingle piece of equipment can not meetthe requirements, you can use multiple combinations, but must meetthe following requirements when combining:
the parallel combination oftheseries combination,thesame equipment andthe channelspacing. Mixed combination: a channel in parallel, a channelseries.
specification heat exchanger are listed below:
Resistantstainlesssteel PN0.6, 1.6MPa not be demolished (Itype)spiral plate heat exchanger
Nominal heattransfer area m2Channelspacing mmCalculatethe heattransfer area m2Whenthe flow rate 1m/ces capacity m3 / htakeover nominal diameter dgtypeWeight (kg)
I 6BtypeI 6Btype
161.03.8940I 6, I 16B1-0.2/300-64450
262.13.8940I 6, I 16B2-0.2/400-67885
464.48.250I 6, I 16B4-0.4/400-6131135
104.517.380I 6, I 16B4-0.5/450-10129133
104.813.770I 6, I 16B4-0.4/500-10161205
867.38.2150I 6, I 16B8-0.4/500-6212215
107.8517.380I 6, I 16B8-0.5/550-10235273
107.320.9080I 6, I 16B8-0.6/500-10237275
10611.18.2150I 6, I 16B10-0.4/600-6295355
1011.517.380I 6, I 16B10-0.5/650-10315405
1011.220.9080I 6, I 16B10-0.6/600-10305395
15616.912.5470I 6, I 16B15-0.6/600-6415490
1014.7217.380I 6, I 16B15-0.5/760-10405575
1015.028.180I 6, I 16B15-0.8/600-10400570
1415.639.3100I 6, I 16B15-0.8/700-14505680
20621.78.2150I 6, I 16B20-0.4/800-6540710
1021.020.9080I 6, I 16B20-0.6/800-10555735
1420.939.30100I 6, I 16B20-0.8/800-14660830
251026.629.90100I 6, I 16B25-0.6/900-10610950
1426.939.20100I 6, I 16B25-0.8/900-147201060
301028.228.10100I 6, I 16B30-0.8/800-147501180
1432.239.20100I 6, I 16B30-0.8/1000-149801370
401045.435.30100I 6, I 16B40-1.0/900-1011301515
1440.219.4125I 6, I 16B40-1.0/1000-1412001630
501053.935.3100I 6, I 16B50-1.0/1000-1413601755
601061.0535.3100I 6, I 16B60-1.0/1100-1019202112
1460.0849.40125I 6, I 16B60-1.0/1200-1420002200
801081.8335.3100I 6, I 16B80-1.0/1200-1025602816
1480.949.40125I 6, I 16B80-1.0/1400-1426671934
10010101.935.3100I 6, I 16B100-1.0/1300-1032003520
14100.0649.40125I 6, I 16B100-1.0/1500-1433333666
12010115.535.3100I 6, I 16B120-1.0/1500-1038704257
14119.049.4125I 6, I 16B120-1.0/1700-1440204422
13014128.8049.4125I 6, I 16B130-1.0/1750-1442414665
18129.0963.5150I 6, I 16B130-1.0/1967-1844624908
15014148.149.4125I 6, I 16B150-1.0/1890-1447025172
18148.263.5150I 6, I 16B150-1.0/2010-1849625458
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