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F-type extraction tank series
F-type extractorseries
thisdevice can be used intraditional Chinese medicine as well as food, chemical and other industriesdecoction,soaking, hot reflux, aromatic component extraction residue of organicsolvent extraction recovery and forced circulation, pot groups countercurrent extraction and othertechnology, process operations.thedevice can also be operated under vacuum conditions. CDtype isstraight-type, A-type oblique cone, F-typedynamicstyle.
Project \data \specifications0.5m 3 1.0m 3 1.5m 3 2m 3 3m 3 5m 3
Equipment full volume L58012001700220034005200
the equipmentdesign pressure Mpa0.09 (-0.1)
design pressure MPa clip intracapsular0.3 (0.2)
thedevice allowsthe vacuumdegree Kpa60
Mmdiameter feedingdoor150200300300300400
Heating area m 2
Condenser area m 2 344456
Cooler area m 2 111111
Net weight kg-1100-1600-1750-1900-2000-3000
tubethroughthe filtersize m 2
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