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IG-1.5-type tubular filter
IG-1.5-typetubular filter
IG-1.5, 1.0 andtube-type filter can be widely used in pharmaceutical, food, chemical industry, light industry, liquid -solid phase fine filter. It can be used for pressure filtration, filtration, pressure filtration plus filtration.this product can filter using canvas, polyester cloth, paper, pulp, and other kinds of metal mesh filter in accordance withthe requirements, easyto replacethem. Whether aqueous or organicsolution may be used.
1Filter aream 2 1.51.0
2Betweenthe pressuretubeMPa0.20.3
3tube pressure (vacuum)PaAtmospheric pressure or 86000Atmospheric pressure or 86000
4Filtertube lengthmm5301000
5Filtertube root numberRoot187
6Filtertube diametermmØ500Ø300
7thetotal height ofthe filtertubemm-13901600
8thetotal weight ofthe filtertubekg303275
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