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LG Series Centrifugal scraper film evaporator
LGseries Centrifugalscraper film evaporator
Overview: wipedthin film evaporator isthe use of high-speed rotation into a uniformdistribution ofthe liquid film evaporation ordistillation carried out an efficient evaporation ,distillation equipment, but also fordeodorization,defoaming reaction and heating and cooling unit operation, can be widely applied in Western pharmaceutical, food, light industry, petroleum, chemical industry, environmental protection and other industries.
Centrifugalscraper film evaporator using advanced foreigntechnology inthedomestic wipedthin film evaporator with internationalstandards inthe field of leadership.thisdevice has a "secretsqueegee vacuum refining unit,"the host, and wonthestate Pharmaceutical Administration ofscience andtechnology Progress Award.
performance and features
thedevice uses centrifugal rotorssliding groove,thestructure isthe latest foreign evaporator in case ofsmall flow of athin film can be formed,thedeposition material may be an inner wallsurface ofthe cylinder events adhesiontreatment liquid inthe evaporatorsection ofthe blade quickly removed and fixed blade gap comparedtothe evaporator, evaporation can be increased 40-69%, it hasthe following performance characteristics:
1,the heattransfer coefficient is high, large evaporation capacity, evaporation intensity can reach 200kg/m2 · hr, highthermal efficiency.
2, material heatingtime isshort, between about 5-10seconds, and work under vacuum conditions, more favorable for heat-sensitive materials, maintaining a variety of ingredientsdoes not produce anydecomposition,to ensure product quality.
3,to adaptto a wide range of viscosity, low viscosity materials can be processed,the material viscosity upto 100,000 cps (CP)
4, changingthedirection of rotation ofthe blade grooves, you can adjustthetimetotake care ofthe material inthe evaporator.
5,the cylinder wall evaporatorthrough precision boring and polishedsurface is not easyto produce coke,scaling.
6, easyto operate, easyto adjust product index, in confined conditions, can be controlled for continuous production.
7, asmalldevice footprint,simplestructure, easy maintenance, easyto clean.
maintechnical parameters
Project ModelLG0.8LG1.5LG2.5LG4LG6LG10
Heattransfer area m20.81.52.54610
steam pressure MPa0.
Vacuum of KP707070707070
Evaporation kg / n16030050080012002000
Consumption kg / n16831552584012602100
Motor Power KW1.
speed ​​rpm30030028013413488
Equipment height mm250032954100518058007800
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