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Crystallization (heating) slicer
Crystallization (heating) slicer

 First, the working principle
  Drum Flaker is a cooling crystallization process, feed tray and cooling the molten material contacts the drum, the drum surface material film formed by the membrane material and share intramural heat, so that the material of film cooling, crystallization, crystallization the membrane material is scraped scraper, a sheet product.
  Rotating drum by drum drying, a way to heat, the material will be attached to the outer wall of the drum or a belt for heating and drying the material in a continuous process operation. 
  Second, the equipment features
  The device's performance to the level of foreign
  With a side scraper, avoiding the drum side end product material
  Compact structure, small footprint
  Half-pipe jacketed trays, safe and reliable
  Atomized cooling, cooling effect
  CVT, speed adjustable drum
  High precision drum
  Adapt to a wide range of simple, flexible
  Using multiple sets of blade, flexible adjustment
  Versatile, can be dried either sheeting
  Third, the application
  1, the junction plate 2, and dried

Fourth, the equipment specifications and main parameters
SpecificationDrum Specificationsmmtor Power KwHeat shaft speed r/minReference Dimensions(mm)

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