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ZN canister vacuum evaporated

ZN canister vacuum evaporated
  This equipment is mainly used for herbal materials by heat reflux extraction of active ingredient. ZN evaporated canister vacuum evaporation device is versatile, and can be widely used for evaporation and concentration in pharmaceutical, food, chemical industry, light industry, water, alcohol or other organic solvents feed solution. This device is suitable for medicine heat reflux extraction, concentration, recovery of volatile oil and alcohol distillation residue of alcohol recovery, can jar of multi-purpose.
Evaporation Kg / h20405080100130160350
Steam pressure MPA<0.15<0.15<0.15<0.15<0.15<0.15<0.15<0.15
Vacuum of KPA<60<60<60<60<60<60<60<60
Heating area m2<0.60<0.80<1.00<1.40<1.80<3.00<4.50<6.50
Condensing area m21.
Cooling area m20.250.350.450.60.70.851.23
By tank volume L154550125125125125185
Net weight kg-350-450-550-850-1200-1500-2000-3000

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