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WZ 11 500-2000 series of double-effect concentrator (can reclaim alcohol)
WZ 11 500-2000 series of double-effect concentrator (can reclaim alcohol)
  This device is suitable for traditional Chinese medicine, Western medicine, glucose, wine, starch, oral liquid, chemical, food, MSG, dairy and other heat-sensitive materials, low-temperature vacuum concentration. Users can concentrate volume size, the selection of technical parameters of the series concentrator.
   1 The concentrator uses two effect evaporator while secondary steam underutilized investment saving boiler, but also save energy, energy efficiency concentrator with a single 50% reduction compared;
  (2) The device uses natural circulation with external heating mode vacuum evaporation speed, concentration than the major. No material in sealed liquid foam concentrate, concentrate with this equipment out of the liquid, with no pollution, drug Sauvignon. Easy to clean (Open the cover to the heater);
  (3) The equipment and material contact parts are made of liquid (OCr19Ni9) stainless steel, meet the GMP standard. Heaters, evaporators, plus insulation, thermal insulation layer pattern stainless steel sheet, the equipment in the workshop even more luxurious appearance.
Evaporation (kg / h of water)500100015002000
eam consumption (kg / h)2505007501000
Dimensions L × W × H (M)4×1.5×3.35×1.6×3.56×1.6×3.76.5×1.7×4.3
Cycle water consumption (T / h)
Evaporation temperatureAn effect80-90Degree of vacuum (MPa)An effect0.02-0.04
Second effect55-70Second effect0.05-0.08
m pressure (MPa)An effect0.2The proportion of concentrated1.2-1.3

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