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Vacuum emulsification equipment
Vacuum emulsification equipment
Vacuum emulsification equipmentVacuum homogeneous emulsifying potWash potPot of water to dissolve the oil phase
50L - 2000LEV, CM Series vacuum emulsification equipment
 EV, CM Series emulsifying pot is my new vacuum emulsification device manufactured, the device absorbs the advantages of similar products at home and abroad, successfully designed by the experts, the new structure, good emulsifying effect, low energy consumption, reliable, pot outside polished, elegant appearance.
 EV Features:
 Emulsification pot emulsification process is under sealed conditions, the pot material through cyclic shear mixed emulsion of the high speed homogenizer, the scraper agitator centrifugal effect at the time of operation, the PTFE scraper close to the pot wall, effectively solve the problem of the pot wall stick material effectively prevents dust and microbial contamination, emulsified products light and delicate, the smallest particle diameter of up to 3 ~ 5μm.
 CM Features:
 The models are based on the introduction of emulsifying pot on the improvement of equipment, is the current domestic production of high-grade emulsion, cream products necessary equipment, reasonable design, advanced technology, the technical parameters can be of similar products with international eighties Compared to the U.S., than the shear number of Italian and Japanese TE-3-type vacuum emulsification YQ homogeneous systems over a large pot two times after fine uniform homogeneous materials, particularly good brightness. The device uses a homogeneous system to promote extrusion worm shear structure, the material sent by the propulsion impeller homogenizer, homogenized work through leaf worm gear (dynamic) and two fixed ring gear, is generated when the high-speed rotation of the impeller suction promote the material has reached a homogeneous shear extrusion and worm purpose. When homogenizer work, according to different situations of material viscosity, pot and close the valve homogenizer pipeline between the inner and outer loop be homogeneous, can ensure that all materials are equal opportunity emulsified. Meanwhile, the homogenizer can make the feed pump and the pump and cleaning purposes. Under HR role from Teflon pan scraper close to the wall scraper agitator advanced generated during operation, effectively solve the problem of the pot wall stick material, leaving no ideal speed frequency control devices can make it arbitrary variable speed. The device is equipped with a unique stove endoscopic device, equipped with closed lights, ready for the operator to observe the material emulsified case. Package of equipment for heating, cooling jacket is completed in the same jacket outside the silicate insulation layer, the outer layer is polished to a mirror finish stainless steel decorative panels, one can save heating, cooling time, two operatives can prevent burns ensure production safety.

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