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Cyclone separator

I. Introduction

Widely used in mining, metallurgy, petrochemical, rivers and lakes, groundwater and other water filtration; applicable to central air-conditioning cooling water, chilled water systems; winter heating water circulation system; industrial cooling water circulation system; allow for non-circulating water system remove impurities.

The cyclone separator is an energy efficient separation technique can be effectively gravel, dirt, mud, and other calcareous fine solids separated from the circulation water or a non-circulating water system side to remove it.

Second, the performance characteristics

A cyclone simple structure, low cost, easy to install, reliable, high efficiency.

2, the operation temperature is not limited, easy to automate, in parallel to increase the processing capacity, can improve the water quality of the series.

3, no moving parts, mechanical design cleverly.

4, the cyclone has dispersed, washing effect, easy to clean, continuous operation, no pollution.

5, adaptability, not only can remove most of the water, sediment and other heavy objects, and can remove the water humus, sawdust, leaves and other debris in the soft light

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