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Wire mesh demister
Wire mesh demister (also known as wire mesh mist eliminator, demister, demister, catching demister, mist catcher), for separating entrained gas tower mist to ensure that mass transfer efficiency and reduce losses and improve the operation of the compressor after the tower valuable materials.
     The gas-liquid separation process in the study, with a special weave, mesh made ​​with wrinkles means to remove the gas entrained in the liquid micro foam, the foam was found high demisting efficiency of this device, and gas down through resistance device is very small, which is unmatched by other gas-liquid separation unit, so quickly get a lot of promotion and a wide range of applications. Screen demister and more generally in the top of the tower is set between the tray settings screen demister if, not only can guarantee the efficiency of mass transfer trays can also be reduced plate spacing.
    With the continuous improvement of the degree of industrial civilization, its applications has been greatly expanded in imports of ethylene, ammonia and chemical fiber and other production equipment are used in the screen demister. Its particularly widely used in desulfurization, in addition to oil mist, remove toxic and hazardous industrial gases and odors and other fields.
In usual chemical operations encountered in the diameter of the dispersed droplets in the gas is about 0.1 ~ 5000μm. Average particle size of 100μm particles due to sedimentation rate faster than its separation problem is easily solved. The droplet diameter is typically larger than 50μm, the separation can be gravity settling; 5μm or more droplets collide with the inertia and centrifugal separation; For smaller mist will have to try to form a larger aggregate particles, or fiber filter and electrostatic demister.

Wire mesh demister, which is mainly used for the separation diameter greater than 3μm ~ 5μm droplets, works as shown on the right. When the gas mist with a certain speed to rise in the frame by a metal mesh grid, since the inertia of the rising mist, so that the filaments collide with the mist adheres to the surface of the filaments. Mist further spread on the surface of the filament itself, and gravitational settling mist, the mist is formed so that larger droplets to flow along its filament interleaving. Since the wettability of the filaments, the capillary effect of the liquid surface tension on the wire, making the droplets increases, until the force of its own weight exceeds the buoyancy of the rising gas and liquid surface tension, the drop was separated, flow downstream equipment to the container. As long as gas velocity conditions right choices, in addition to the gas through the screen demister, demister its efficiency can reach above 97%, we can achieve complete removal of the mist purposes.

Wire mesh demister features
• Simple structure, small size, light weight
• porosity, pressure drop
• contact with a large surface area, in addition to high foam separation efficiency
• Installation, operation, maintenance
• Long life

p>Several commonly used standard wire mesh demister
⒈ HG5-1404 (1405,1406) -81
Standard of riser type (1404), necking type (1405) and full bore type (1406). Demister diameters from 300mm to 6400mm, 100mm and 150mm of two heights. Just provide figure number and use of the material when ordering. Mark example: HG5-1406-81-11, 304/Q235A
That means that the screen is made of 304 stainless steel grille Q235A full bore type coat type, diameter of 1600mm, height 100mm screen demister.
⒉ HG/T21618-1998

The new standard incorporates riser type reducer and type the full path to install three forms; proposed SP, HP, DP and four kinds of web-based HR and expanded the types of materials used; and set the sizes of the interval density increased.
Mark example: HG/T21618 screen demister S1600-100 SP 304/304
That means that the grille and screen are made of 304 stainless steel, coat type, diameter of 1600mm, height 100mm, using the SP-grid mesh demister.
3. HG/T21586-98 (drawer screen demister)

This standard is primarily applicable to the occasion by the need to clean or replace the foam element in addition to, for example, sulfuric acid drying tower and absorber device. Their choice of the nominal diameter range of 56 to DN300mm ~ DN5000mm species. Just provide figure number when ordering and selection of materials (which 316L, NS-80 and RS-2 as sulfuric acid plant selection screen material).
Mark example: HG/T21586.11-98 WME-1600-100 NS-80/Q235A
That means that the screen using NS-80, grille Q235A diameter 1600mm, height 100mm drawer screen demister.
4 waveforms (diversion type) screen demister
Waveform screen demister has the following features: • gas to go to achieve a gas line, liquid-liquid way to go, basically eliminated the secondary entrainment phenomenon, skimming effect is significantly improved.
• Since there is network block tilt, the actual skimming area increased 15 percent, adjusting air flow, speed, resistance and ease of design when skimming effect.
• waveform with a layer of wire mesh demister can be achieved in addition to the two wire mesh demister effect demister, saving installation space, down at the end of a single tower demister cost.

Other non-standard screen demister

Wire mesh demister is widely used, our company can produce a variety of special shapes for users and all kinds of import substitution demister. For example wavy, embedded, exterior type, SWD1 type, square, rectangular and irregular and the like. Demister thickness and density can be produced according to user needs.

Users who choose our products, if necessary, I can provide supporting demister installation and support parts diagram in Fig.

In addition to the parameter selection screen demister
1. HG5 series demister mesh parameters
(A) Standard

(B) efficient type

(C) high penetration type

2. HG/T21618-1998 demister mesh parameters

3 parameters to choose demister mesh

In several decades of production practice, Ann Hui has accumulated a lot of screen mesh parameters and the development of related design software. In addition to the standard required in accordance with specifications are available, the other hundreds of models of demister screen for users to choose. We can provide design services paid based on process conditions and data tables. Also provide samples or according to customer requirements for our customers to choose the right type of science.

Section for reference demister mesh parameters:
(Company Type)
比表面积(Surface Area)
空隙率(Free Volume)

Material selection

I produced the metal mesh material to choose from metal, non-metallic and metallic and non-metallic interwoven into three categories:

GB CodeForeign CodeStandard No.
NS-80(1Cr18Ni11Si4AlTi) Manufacturer Code
Brass wireH68、H65、H62GB3110
Nickel wireN4、N6、N7、N8GB3120
Titanium wire and titanium alloy wireTA2、TA3、TC3、TC4GB3623
Polypropylene / PPPP 
Tetrafluoroethylene-hexafluoropropylene copolymer (F46)PE 
Other fluoride material seriesPFA、ETFE、PVCF etc. 
Hastelloy (Alloy 20)Hastelloy alloy 
Monel (Monel)Monel 
Tetrafluoroethylene-hexafluoropropylene copolymer (F46)PE 
Metal and glass fiber (no, the base line) AC / mixed woven
S.S & Fiberglas. 
Metal and nonmetal wire AC / mixed wovenS.S & PP.PVC.F46.etc. 

Examples of some devices

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