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Ammonia evaporator

(A), the device works

Immersed in the liquid ammonia from the water by the stainless steel coil, heat is absorbed in the warm vaporized and superheated, the device itself after removal of solids-liquid separator inlet pipe network.

Heated by an external heat source of saturated steam or superheated by heat exchange with water to obtain, the amount of steam entering the steam valve is controlled by the temperature control valve is automatically adjusted according to the level of water; if the steam temperature and pressure reduction processing is not used, the temperature is not the case of more than 450 degrees, use high temperature solenoid valve, steam heat exchanger through the drainage grooves inside the device before the heat exchange cooling treatment, when the water temperature drops below the set temperature control system automatically output signal, cutting off ammonia imports solenoid valve, ensuring no ammonia vapor pipe string to go; When the water temperature is higher than the set temperature steam solenoid valve will shut off the steam inlet, and audible alarm;

Gasifier has overpressure protection, when the pressure rises inside the tube, the outlet of the safety relief valves automatically open after the pressure balance back seat to ensure the safety of the pipe network. (Can be set to control the ammonia pressure transmitter off solenoid valve in the outlet pipe action according to process requirements)

(B), the technical characteristics
(1) evaporator and heat exchanger made of stainless steel, can withstand corrosive ammonia, ensure that the equipment being produced running.

(2) off the bustling area can ensure adequate vaporization of liquid ammonia.

(3) a low-temperature low water temperature alarm chain.

(4) control instruments with self-locking function, easy to manage the station house.

(5) reverse priming sewage, residue exclude more thoroughly.

(6) selection of imported brand-name parts: Mitsubishi contactor, Omron relays, switches and domestic brands Fuji stainless steel ball valve, stainless steel valve and so on.

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