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Ammonia gas buffer tank

1, denitrification process

Ammonia compressor unloading ammonia storage pressure to gasify denitrator

Denitration reaction system with the wind


2, the main equipment (denitrification by two ammonia units a public station system design).

(1) the discharge of the compressor (2 units)

Oil-free compressor discharge air compressor.

Ammonia compressor discharge station system settings, use a prepared one. Compressor discharge selected to meet the requirements under various conditions. Ammonia storage tank compressor discharge extraction of ammonia, compressed liquid ammonia tank will push into ammonia tank. Vendors in the choice of compressor displacement, fully consider the saturated vapor pressure of the ammonia storage tank of liquid ammonia, ammonia unloading flow, liquid ammonia piping resistance and unloading ammonia climate temperature.

(2) ammonia storage tank (at least two ammonia storage tank)

Liquid ammonia tank capacity, shall be in accordance BMCR boiler operating conditions, under design conditions, consider running two furnaces denitration unit, operating 20 hours a day, 7 days continuous operation consumption considerations. There should be installed superfluid valve, check valve on the tank, emergency shut-off valve and a safety valve for the tank with liquid ammonia leakage protection. Tank is also equipped with a thermometer, pressure gauge, level gauge, high-level alarm and the corresponding transmitter will signal to the public system denitration unit or units control system DCS, when the tank temperature or high pressure alarm. Anti-tank should measure solar radiation, but also anti-typhoon, rainstorm. Surrounded by installing pipelines and industrial water spray nozzle, the tank when the tank temperature automatic watering device starts for automatic spray cooling tank; When ammonia leak trace can be started automatically when watering device for absorption of ammonia, ammonia pollution control. In order to ensure the continuity of the spray water, should be designed to switch to its backup water source.

Ammonia storage and unloading system set 2 sets. Tank is the same size, ammonia storage tank is fully welded and manufactured using 16MnR.

System can meet the two ammonia storage tanks each pouring.

(3) Ammonia supply pump

South project does not set the supply pumps, liquid ammonia into the evaporator tank, pressure and the use of ammonia to achieve its own gravitational potential energy.

(4) the evaporation of liquid ammonia tank (2)

Heat of evaporation of liquid ammonia by steam heating needed to provide heat. Ammonia with a pressure control valve controlling the pressure within a certain range, when the outlet pressure reaches too high, cutting off the feed of liquid ammonia evaporator. On the export pipeline should be fitted with temperature ammonia gas detector, cut off ammonia when the temperature is too low, so that the ammonia tank regulator to maintain proper temperature and pressure, the evaporator should also be equipped with a safety valve to prevent excessive abnormal pressure equipment high. Ammonia evaporator should follow in BMCR condition 2 × 100% design capacity (with a prepared).

(5) ammonia buffer tank (1 unit)

Evaporation of ammonia from the evaporator flows into the surge tank of ammonia, reduced by a certain pressure relief valve, and then through pipelines to the boiler side ammonia denitration system. Ammonia tank regulator should be able to meet the supply pressure of the ammonia SCR system stability, avoid affected by unstable operation of the evaporator. The surge tank should also be provided with a safety valve on the protective equipment. Set up a total of two boilers.

(6) diluted ammonia tank (1 unit)

Ammonia diluted to a volume pot sink, sink overflow line level should be maintained dilution tank top designed by watering trough and trough-side water. Each system is discharged ammonia emissions premises diluted ammonia tank from the bottom into the pipeline pooled by ammonia dispersed by the dispersion tube into the dilution tank, use a lot of water, such as a safety valve to absorb the ammonia emissions. Designed to ensure that the tank vent pipe to reach the concentration of ammonia in the minimum vent tube outlet, designed for a maximum concentration of 2ppm, the smell of ammonia in order to avoid divergence. Set up a total of two boilers.

(7) diluted fan (each unit 2 wind turbines)

Spraying ammonia into the flue reactor after the dilution air to be about 5% of ammonia-containing gas is mixed. The selected fan NOx removal from flue gas should meet the maximum requirements, and leave some margin. Fans should be diluted two 100% capacity (one with a prepared) setting.

(8) Ammonia leak detection security alarm system (8 sets)

Ammonia storage and supply system shall be provided surrounding ammonia detector to detect ammonia leaks, and shows the concentration of ammonia in the atmosphere. When the detector is measured atmospheric ammonia concentration is too high, the denitration device control system and the public system will alert the control room crew, in situ should be audible, flash alert the operator to take the necessary measures to prevent the leakage of ammonia exception occurs. Ammonia plant storage and supply system in the furnace and the surrounding system should take appropriate measures to isolate and set a security warning devices.

Ammonia leak detector designed layout location and number in the table below:

Arrangement position

Detector number (a)

Ammonia truck unloading point


Ammonia storage tank area


Evaporation of liquid ammonia tank and buffer tank area


SCR reactor zone

4(Two sets of furnace



(9) Emission System

     Seller shall ammonia storage and supply system to set up a closed ammonia wastewater systems, wastewater ammonia diluted ammonia tank formed after the absorption of ammonia discharged to the wastewater tank, and then by the waste water pump to the wastewater treatment system, the seller must take measures and equipment, and ensure that the system under normal and accident conditions, wastewater emissions from ammonia district meet environmental emission standards, does not require secondary treatment.

(10) a nitrogen purge system

(11) Fire and safety facilities

Ammonia storage and supply areas should be set to improve fire safety systems, such as eyewash and respirator. Designed and supplied by the Seller.

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