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Stainless steel reactor
stainlesssteel reactor
I produced (electricity,steam, oil heating)stainlesssteel reaction pot fromthe lid, Flashlight, jacket, blender,shaftseal and bearing gear and other components, and pot and pan material contact parts are made at OCr18Ni9 or 1Cr18Ni9Ti resistantstainlesssteel.
Our companyspecializes in manufacturingstainlesssteel autoclave and undertake alltypes of chemicals, light non-standard equipment design and manufacturing, welcome domestic and overseas inquiries.
I produced astirring reactortypes, including varioustypes oftraditionalslurry mixing,stirringturbine, propellerstirring anchorstirring, mixing box, ribbon mixing,stirringserrated disc.
I especially recommendthe highshear emulsification reactor, mixing boxset, highshear emulsifying machine and cleanthe wall is one ofthe modularstirredtank reactor. Her advantage is asignificant dispersion, mixing, emulsifying, homogenizing, grinding functions in one, ultra-fine, high quality and high efficiency.
electrically heatedstainlesssteel autoclave
Nominal capacity LElectric Powerthe pot diameter φmmJacket diameter φmmReducer ModelMotor n / kwstirringspeed r.p.m
504 × 2 KWφ400φ600BLD 0.8-11450/0.860-100
1006 × 2 KWφ500φ700BLD 1.1-11450/1.160-100
3006 × 4 KWφ800φ1000BLD 2.2-21450/2.260-100
5009 × 4 KWφ900φ1100BLD 3-21450/360-100
100012 × 4 KWφ1200φ1400BLD 4-31450/460-100
200015 × 5 KWφ1400φ1600BLD 4-31450/460-100
300015 × 6 KWφ1600φ1800BLD 5.5-31450/5.560-100
steam heatedstainlesssteel autoclave
size Lthe pot diameter φmmJacket diameter φmmMotor Power kwReducer Modelstirringspeed r.p.m
304005000.6BLD 0.6-160-100
505006000.8BLD 0.8-160-100
100550651.1BLD 1.1-160-100
1506007002.2BLD 2.2-260-100
2006507502.2BLD 2.2-260-100
3008009003BLD 3-260-100
50090010003BLD 3-260-100
800110012004BLD 4-260-100
1000120013004BLD 4-360-100
1500130014004BLD 4-360-100
2000140015005.5BLD 5.5-360-100
2500140015007.5BLD 7.5-460-100
3000140015007.5BLD 7.5-460-100
3500140015007.5BLD 7.5-460-100
4000150016007.5BLD 7.5-460-100
5000160017007.5BLD 7.5-460-100
60001800190015BLD 15-560-100
180002000210015BLD 15-560-100
320003000320037BLD 37-56A35-59
Because users duetothe production process, operating conditions vary, jacket heatingtype into electric heating rods,steam heating, oil heating cycle,the device is divided into packingseal and mechanicalseal, mixing patterns are anchored, paddle, Pot wheeled promote or boxtype.the number of openings,specifications or other requirements can be based on user requirements and design, production.
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