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"Twelve Five" denitration to focus on pollution control
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In the environmental industry, air pollution is the key , and thermal power plants and sewage treatment is a top priority . Ministry of Environmental Protection announced earlier this year , " Thermal Power Plant Air Pollutant Emission Standards" (second draft) developed called the world 's most stringent emission standards .
Air pollution mainly dust removal, desulfurization , denitrification , desulfurization and dust removal device of the current installation has reached a very high level popularity , the next step is to focus on denitrification . According to the forecast , "five" thermal power plant denitration market capacity is expected to reach 130 billion yuan . Longyuan technology and Kowloon denitrification leading electricity companies will significantly benefit from the reduction of high standards and market size expansion.
"Twelve Five" denitration to focus on pollution control
China Electricity Council Secretary-General ANCIENT reporter's interview, said , according to two draft standards, serving 707 million kilowatts of thermal power dust removal, desulfurization and denitrification renovation costs totaling about 200 billion -2500 million.
Also, consider the "second five " new group of 250 million kilowatts of thermal power , improve standards of environmental protection facilities due to the increase in operating costs of about 90 billion -1100 million, discounted price increase 0.02-0.025 yuan / kWh ( excluding existing 0.015 yuan / kWh desulfurization price ) . At present, China desulfurization equipment installation rate has reached more than 70% , dedusting equipment installation rate of more than 80 % penetration is relatively high, so our next step will focus on air pollution denitrification .
For the " second five" desulfurization and denitration market outlook , ANCIENT said to "Twelve Five", in addition to part of the unit will be shut down , but basically all be supporting all the coal-fired power desulfurization equipment , installed desulfurization ratio close to 100%. " twelve Five" denitration ratio of installed capacity will reach 100%.
Preferential tariff will be introduced as soon as possible
In terms of preferential tariff denitrification , ANCIENT said thermal power plant flue gas treatment ( including dust removal , desulfurization , denitrification , etc. ) should be used as a fundamental transformation of coal into electricity production chain production system , flue gas treatment costs should also be used as an accounting cost of electricity subjects into electricity costing system. The higher cost of thermal power plant flue gas denitrification , desulfurization costs should continue to follow the principles of electricity into the system, the thermal power plant denitration costs into the price system. Ministry of Environmental Protection in March has also made ​​it clear that as soon as the relevant departments jointly issued the denitration preferential tariff .
" Denitration system investment and operating costs of removal efficiency , the impact of reducing prices, reducing type , nature of the project ( new construction, technical innovation ) and other factors, the cost difference denitrification unit operability , reasonableness and fairness into account from the larger . , reasonable and appropriate based on the principle of subsidies to encourage the recommended limits based on emission standards , according to the unit level and considering the nature of the unit carried out price subsidies . " ANCIENT proposals for new units to give 1.1-1.3 cents / unit for active duty units to give 1.3 - technological transformation 1.8 cents / unit .
Denitrification leading enterprises will benefit
Denitration means of thermal power plants currently applied in three ways: low-NOx combustion denitration , selective catalytic reduction (SCR) DeNOx and non-selective catalytic reduction (SNCR) denitrification . Low NOx combustion denitration is controlled in the combustion process to produce nitrogen oxides , also known as front-end denitration ; SCR and SNCR is fired boiler exhaust emissions and denitrification , exhaust gas purification of nitrogen oxides, also known as the back-end denitration .
Accordingly, the broker believes that the future is expected to denitrification low NOx combustion technology and SCR -based. Investment opportunities there are two main aspects: First, the furnace denitration be low NOx burners companies that Longyuan technology ; second is SCR denitration enterprises, namely Kowloon electricity. UBS expects , "five" thermal power plant denitration market capacity 130 billion , of which exhaust SCR denitration market capacity of 90 billion , low NOx combustion system capacity of 40 billion market .
Huatai believes that the front than the back-end denitration denitration more economical , but also there is a complementary relationship between the two . Because the rear end of the year the denitration catalyst , the reducing agent used depends on the concentration of nitrogen oxides. Exhaust gas concentration , the greater the amount of reducing agent used , and replacement of the catalyst shorter . If the installation of the front denitrification, can significantly reduce the concentration of NOx in the exhaust gas , both economical and can achieve more stringent standards .
According to estimates, to 600,000 kilowatts thermal power units , for example, before and after the end of the SCR denitration Although the initial cost increase of 20 million yuan , the annual operating costs , but can save $ 7 million increase to recover the initial investment of three years. With improvements in the front-end denitration technology, the role of front-end denitration will grow. Because, the initial cost is only half of the front-end denitration backend denitration , and operating expenses backend denitration only 1/20 . If denitrification subsidies reach 1 cent / kWh, then the front-end denitration will be more cost savings.

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