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Desulfurization and denitration difference?
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Desulfurization and denitrification are currently on two differences:
1, removal of the material is not the same, and therefore required a different process and pharmaceutical processing;
2, the desulfurization process is now relatively mature, but still denitrification process improvements.
Denitrification current problems are:
1, SNCR denitration furnace corrosion problems;
2, denitrification factors theoretically lot more than desulfurization, the actual project the same furnace combustion conditions also sprayed ammonia same position, due to the carbon monoxide, wind, temperature, coal and other factors, the result is likely to be very different .
Desulfurization and denitrification than the single biggest difference is that denitrification can be adjusted for pulverized coal combustion burner replacement to achieve nitrogen oxide emissions, which in addition to the initial investment in this way there is no running costs, as currently no desulfurization and denitration Low NOx combustion zero operational costs and the transformation of this effect is obvious craft.

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