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China (Shanghai) International Petrochemical Technology and Equipment Exhibition
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cippe Zhenwei International Petroleum Exhibition - International Petroleum & Petrochemical industry meeting areas , the Chinese mainland for the first 22 UFI certification of high -quality exhibition in Beijing every spring and autumn, traveling exhibition in Shanghai is Asia's largest and the world's four one of the top petroleum exhibition . 15-17 October 2009 , cippe Zhenwei Shanghai Petrochemical Exhibition first foray into Shanghai was a complete success , an exhibition area of 12,000 square meters, the total from the United States , Germany, France, Canada , Italy, Norway , Russia, Japan , South Korea 12 320 internationally renowned companies participating countries and regions , following Beijing , Xinjiang Zhenwei Exhibition Group in the oil field industry event organized by another , focusing on downstream petroleum technology and equipment . The exhibition pavilions American popular attention , has participated in the development of oil cippe Beijing well-known companies , such as : API, Thermo , Thermo Fisher , Tyco Thermal Controls , Honeywell, GE Fanuc, North Safety, HPS, Hyde Leeson , CDC, Moss Seal, CLARAGE, and Thailand have also noted the active participation of Haier cippe Shanghai Exhibition . In addition to the United States Pavilion, many famous international petrochemical companies to pour in, including Atlas Copco, France PCM, Halma, Germany SAMSON, Fahlke, Russian leasing companies, Italy Athos, West Pike , Kai Teke , Cooper Electric , Kennametal, Nagman, Halifax Fan, SHINHAN APEX, Euranto Safety, Yoke Industrial and so on. Meanwhile, the domestic petroleum and petrochemical enterprises star-studded , such as: PetroChina, Sinopec , Shuangliang Group , Shanghai Electric , Shenyang Blower Group , Dandong cloning Group , Beijing Bo Ruite , Sulzer , Shanghai Valve Factory , Hailu Heavy Industry , Yantai Moon Wuxi compressor , Jiangsu Sheng big , Kunshan TOYOHARA so on. Shanghai is China's leading international market "window , bridge ," the most influential international economic center ; is China's southeast coastal industrial agglomeration ; 2010 Shanghai World Expo , Shanghai will gather 70 million from more than 200 countries around the world internal and external customers ; choose cippe Zhenwei Shanghai petrochemical Exhibition held in Shanghai is to meet the needs of the market, providing a closer direct contact with the first market platform for domestic and foreign petrochemical companies. cippe Zhenwei Shanghai Petrochemical Exhibition will be moved to September 2010 1-3 Shanghai New International Expo Center & exhibition area of 30,000 square meters, 500 exhibitors are expected , and we look forward to work with you in an atmosphere of Shanghai World Expo creating international event petrochemical industry .

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