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Petroleum and petrochemical equipment industry, which kept hidden dig deep to help develop
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In recent years, a lot of equipment in the field of petroleum geophysical exploration, production, refining, marine engineering, formed a group with independent intellectual property rights of the advantages of leading products and specialty products, some products reach or approach international advanced level. Sinopec refining unit localization rate has exceeded 90 percent, ethylene and PTA plant key equipment, ammonia fertilizer plant in the tower, the tower of urea and synthetic fiber raw devices also achieve a localization, localization of a substantial increase in petroleum and petrochemical equipment, it makes people confident. But at the same time raise the localization rate, petroleum and petrochemical equipment industry is also a lot of worries, so we have concerns, digging to find out which measures allow our industry to embark on the development of petroleum and petrochemical equipment Avenue.

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