Name: Wuxi Yu Wei Petrochemical Equipment Co., Ltd.
Contact: Ding Hongwei
Mobile: 18921283376/13771155139
Tel / Fax 0510 -85,957,685
QQ: 1169230448
Address: Wuxi City Binhu Town


DL series bag filter
DL series bag filter
IG-1.5-type tubular filter
IG-1.5-type tubular
Vacuum rake dryer
Vacuum rake dryer
LG Series Centrifugal scraper film evaporator
LG Series Centrifuga
BM series film evaporator
BM series film evapo
Crystallization (heating) slicer
Crystallization (hea
Cylinder dryer
Cylinder dryer
Canister vacuum evaporated
Canister vacuum evap
ZN-C new type of concentration tank
ZN-C new type of con
WZN-cycle of evaporation pan
WZN-cycle of evapora
ZN canister vacuum evaporated
ZN canister vacuum e
Dynamic heat reflux extraction enrichment tank
Dynamic heat reflux
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